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Five Jets to Watch on Defense in Preseason Opener

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Earlier, we discussed five Jets to watch on offense in tonight's preseason opener. Here are five intriguing players on defense.

Darron Lee: It is always interesting to see where the first round pick is as the preseason begins. Lee's camp has reportedly been a mixed bag of good and bad. I'm interested to see how he holds up in coverage against NFL players and to see whether he can diagnose things in front of him moving at a faster speed.

Jordan Jenkins: He has been getting a lot of praise in camp. The lack of anybody experienced at his position gives the third round pick a real chance to start as a rookie. This is our first look at what he can do.

Freddie Bishop III: The outside linebacker position is where a lot of the interest lies. Bishop is a CFL import. Can he make the transition? The question will not be answered tonight, but this is a first look at how his skills will translate.

Mike Catapano: Speaking of seeing how skills translate, this is our first look at Catapano in a new role. There is a real opening off the edge on this team. Can Catapano take advantage?

Dee Milliner: All right, Milliner, I've been really down on you because...frankly you've given me nothing but reasons to be down on you. I'm hearing good things about your camp performance so far. I'm beginning to get a little bit hopeful. Show me something tonight.