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Jets Training Camp Live Updates 8/10

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

We should expect a quiet day at Jets training camp. The first preseason game is tomorrow night, and nothing is open today.

Tomorrow night the Jets face the Jacksonville Jaguars in their preseason opener. The opponent seldom matters a whole lot in preseason. It is more about internal evaluation. For many fans, it will be a first opportunity to take a look at some of the stars of training camp and a first chance to examine whether hype about some player looking improved in practices might be justified. Preseason games aren't very exciting, but we will get to see depth players who might need to step up at some point in 2016 for the Jets.

It should be a slow day for the GGN Twitter widget, but it is still on the clock. It has been embedded below to provide any updates that do come in. Discuss the preseason and tomorrow's game below.