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These Jets Games Will Be on YouTube

Elsa/Getty Images

Back in May, the NFL announced an extension of its partnership with YouTube. As part of the deal, three classic games from each team will now be available on the NFL YouTube channel. We now know the three Jets games that will be part of the channel.

2010 AFC Division playoff -- Jets vs. Patriots (37%)

Rex Ryan team upsets Bill Belichick’s Patriots, 28-21.

Super Bowl III -- Jets vs. Colts (31%)

Joe Namath leads upset win.

2000 Week #8 - Jets vs. Dolphins (27%)

Big Jets comeback: "Monday Night Miracle."

I would have guessed these would be the three. They are the three most famous wins in franchise history.

I still would have liked to have seen the 1968 AFL Championship Game between the Jets and the Raiders replace one of the two non-Super Bowl games. That was a classic and surely the second greatest victory the team has ever had. It is not clear whether full game footage exists of that, though. Networks did not save footage back then like they do today.