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Are You Happy With the Jets Re-Signing Ryan Fitzpatrick?

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

A day ago, there were reports that the Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick were far apart on a deal. Yesterday things moved quickly to get the veteran quarterback back in green and white. After an offseason of uncertainty, the Jets now have clarity at the quarterback position.

Are you happy with the deal?

I personally think it's difficult to be unhappy with this. The Jets are a better team with Fitzpatrick on it. He gives you a probable baseline around league average quarterback play. That is where he has been for around six years. None of the three young quarterbacks on the roster have shown an ability to play at that level yet so it is a bit of insurance.

It also provides the team insurance from forcing Bryce Petty or Christian Hackenberg onto the field too early. Had Geno Smith been the starter and faltered early (a very plausible scenario), the Jets would have been pressed into playing one of these guys. If Fitzpatrick shows big regression, Smith can get one last chance to salvage his career, and the Jets can keep the other young guys from being pressed into the lineup.

I also think the Jets threaded the needle in the terms of this contract. Fitzpatrick is probably the best quarterback on the team right now, but he isn't good enough to be a long-term option. The Jets got him for a year to be a stopgap but haven't committed to him to being a franchise guy.

I find it difficult to see where folks could have a problem with this deal, but I'm sure some people do. What do you think?