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Ryan Fitzpatrick Agrees to One Year Contract With Jets

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

After a full offseason of stalled negotiations, Ryan Fitzpatrick has agreed to a one year contract with the Jets.

This was always the most probable outcome. Fitzpatrick was worth more to the Jets than any other team. He wasn't worth a major commitment, though. He waited as long as he could hoping for some unforeseen event to provide him with more leverage. When it didn't come, he took the best offer on the table.

A one year deal makes sense for the Jets. When you look at the situation, Fitzpatrick is probably the best bet the team has at quarterback for the current season. He is, however, a journeyman who has been a league average type quarterback for six years running. This is a stopgap, not the type of player to whom a team should commit. This is a band aid for the short-term. Hopefully in a year, the team will have a young guy ready to go, and Fitzpatrick can walk or slide into a backup role. Maybe the Jets can get a compensatory pick.

In the meantime, the drama is now gone. The long saga is at its end, and the Jets have their starting quarterback in the fold.