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Jets Roster Analysis: Is There Any Hope for Breno Giacomini to Play Well?

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

As we approach the 2016 season, we are going to profile the players on the roster. Today we look at Breno Giacomini.

Name: Breno Giacomini

Number: 68

Year With Jets: 3rd

Projected Role: Starting right tackle

His 2015: Giacomini was perhaps the least effective players on one of the least effective offensive lines in the league. He was at near very bottom when it came to pass protection despite having an offense and a quarterback who got the ball out quickly.

2016 will be a success if: Giacomini can actually play effectively. It might be a lot to ask. He is already 30 years old and will be 31 before the end of September. There is not a lot of upside here. If he was capable of being better, he probably would be better already. There still is a chance he could be cut to clear out more cap space as part of a potential Ryan Fitzpatrick deal or even if he is outplayed by somebody younger in camp.

Odds of making the roster: Probable (75%-99%)