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One Team Wasn't High on the Players the Jets Drafted

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Our network's Cowboys site, Blogging the Boys seems to have stumbled upon its team's Draft board in 2016. Where did the players the Jets drafted rate? The Jets and Dallas clearly had two different sets of evaluations.

Player Round Drafted Dallas Grade
Darron Lee 1st 2nd
Christian Hackenberg 2nd N/A
Jordan Jenkins 3rd 5th
Juston Burris 4th 5th
Brandon Shell 5th* 6th
Lac Edwards 7th N/A
Charone Peake 7th N/A

*While the Jets used a fifth round pick to draft Shell, they acquired that pick with a fourth rounder, essentially making the investment a fourth round pick.

If you read the full article, you will see that they could not fully account for all of the names so it is possible Hackenberg showed up somewhere on the Dallas board.

Still, this shows the two teams had two very different valuations on the players the Jets picked. The Cowboys were not as high on these guys.

We won't know for years which side is right. I just can't get enough information about how teams in the league think so I wanted to pass this along.