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The Jets Would Definitely Spin the Quarterback Roulette Wheel

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN has an interesting question.

The premise is simple enough. You can stick with the quarterback situation you have, or you can spin the wheel and be randomly assigned one of the other situations.

For some teams this might be a difficult hypothetical. It seems pretty obvious for the Jets, though. They have three young quarterbacks, one who has mainly struggled in two starting seasons and two who are wild cards. One could build a credible argument this is the least appealing quarterback situation in the league as it stands. Even if you don't land on a proven quarterback, you might very well end up with a situation like Tennessee or Oakland where you get a developing youngster who has shown more upside than anything the Jets.

Even if the team re-signs Ryan Fitzpatrick, the answer seems like a spin. Fitzpatrick is a stopgap veteran, the type who only would start in a situation like the Jets have. The odds of ending up with a higher upside youngster would be good enough to spin in my book.