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Jets Have Until Friday to Sign Muhammad Wilkerson Long-Term

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

This coming Friday is an important day on the NFL calendar. It is the deadline for teams to sign franchise tagged players to a long-term extension. If the Jets do not lock up defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson by then, they will not be able to do so until the offseason.

It feels unlikely the two sides will come to any sort of agreement. Wilkerson has vented that he does not feel like the Jets want him. Multiple reports have indicated the two sides have not engaged in serious negotiations this offseason.

Mike Garofalo of indicates Wilkerson's camp is expecting another offer to come from the Jets before the deadline. Garofalo also notes the odds are not very high of anything getting done and that the sides have not been close to a new deal. If the Jets really were serious about giving the star lineman a new deal, they probably would have shown more urgency by this point.