5 Favorite Jets

With all these rankings going on recently it got me thinking... Who are my personal favorite Jets of all time? Not the best of all time, by my personal favorites. I never got to see Broadway Joe so, while I deeply respect the icon that he is and what he's meant to the Jets and the NFL in general, I have no personal connection to him or memories of him playing. I'm connected to MY guys, the guys I grew up watching,mother guys I idolized, the guys I live and died on Sunday's with.

Here's my 5 in no particular order:

1). Freeman McNeil -- Freemy's career stats are not very impressive. But he was my guy when I first got into football. I played PBC ball as a tike starting in second grade, played RB and DB. Wore #24. But I didn't start watching football intensely until I was in about 7th grade, and there was this guy on the Jets that wore my number, and he was good. So I started watching all the Jets games. Then one day my mom comes home and tells me she thinks she helped Freemy at the bank she worked in. Of course I thought that was awesome and told her to tell him that I was a fan. Few days later she came home with a note from Freeman wishing me luck and telling me I could be good if I worked hard and blah blah blah, along with a pair of white Nuemann gloves (the ones with the tacky material). Needless to say, I became a diehard Freeman fan from then on, and by extension a Jets fan. Freeman will always always be my guy.

2) Revis -- most dominant player I've ever seen don the green. It has truly been a treat being able to watch him play. And I respect the heck out of him for his business savvy and his courage to bet on himself. He's the greatest corner in the history of the game in my book, bar none. The first corner to ever shadow and shut down all comers, from Calvin Johnson to Wes Welker. No one has ever done that before, and no one has done it since.

3). Curtis Martin -- he's a guy you had to watch every week to appreciate. Loved watching this dude go to work. Always available. Always productive. So many times I remember hearing Curtis is hurting and might not be able to go, and he'd suit up and play and you'd never know he was hurt at all. So many times I'd see run plays bottled up and Curtis would burst through the smallest of cracks for a 7 yard gain. He wasn't a bruiser, he didn't have electric speed and quickness, he didn't have a flair for the spectacular. But he just simply got it done. He suited up and played every single week and he got the job done.

4) Victor Green -- I have an affinity for hitters. Victor brought the wood. Loved that dude.

5). Leon Washington -- Neon Leon was my guy. Little scat back was electric as heck. I was on the edge of my seat every time he touched the rock.

Honorable mentions:

Kris Jenkins -- issues staying healthy, but when available he was an absolute force and so much fun to watch.

Brandon Marshall and Sheldon Richardson. Kinda too soon to be attached to these guys, but I love watching them play ball every week. I can watch them all day any day.

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