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Is Darrelle Revis One of the Five Greatest Jets Ever?

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Elliot Harrison of NFL Media ranked his top five Jets ever. They were as follows.

1. Joe Namath

2. Don Maynard

3. Curtis Martin

4. Darrelle Revis

5. Joe Klecko

I think Klecko is the guy who got shortchanged here. As far as I am concerned, making the Pro Bowl at three different positions puts him in the top three. The Mount Rushmore of Jets players seems pretty clearly Namath, Maynard, Martin, and Klecko.

Revis is an interesting story. The Jets do not exactly have a great history. This is a homegrown, Hall of Fame level player who spent most of his career with the team. He is not loved by the fanbase at all, though, for how he handled the business side of things, including a pair of holdouts, a trade, and signing with a bitter rival. With a few more Pro Bowl seasons, Revis might be part of this discussion. For now, I would put Larry Grantham and Winston Hill above him.