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Jets Outside Linebacker Competition Shaping Up to Be Wide Open

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

In Rich Cimini's Sunday notes column, he provides an update on the position battle at outside linebacker. It looks like there are numerous potential competitors.

The battle for the spot opposite Lorenzo Mauldin at outside linebacker is wide open. We're talking Lincoln-Tunnel wide. Josh Martin, Deion Barnes, Freddie Bishop and rookie Jordan Jenkins each received some first-team work last week. Hey, this is the time of year to experiment, so why not? On the other side, Mauldin looks like a different player this year, which is what you'd expect in his second year.

These players are all pretty much blank slates, even Mauldin. The 2015 third round pick did look good in limited snaps last year, but the Jets are depending on his game to make a big leap.

Across from Mauldin, it is unclear who has the edge. All of the competitors are intriguing to some extent. Jenkins probably has the best pedigree, but this is also can be a tricky adjustment for a rookie. The ideal scenario is to keep a guy on a pitch count the way the Jets did with Mauldin last year.

Who do you think will start across from Mauldin?