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Which Jets Themed 30 for 30 Would You Like to See?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Here's an interesting question from Reddit. If you could make a 30 for 30 about something from Jets lore, what would it be? ESPN launched the 30 for 30 series back in 2009 as a group of documentaries looking back at notable sports stories. Here are a few ideas I had.

Broadway Joe: An in-depth profile of the great quarterback who was also one of the biggest icons in the game.

Heidi: Remembering the Heidi game, one of the most important moments in the history of sports on television. It was a wild game that the East Coast didn't get to see. This would have fan reaction.

I Guarantee It: Remembering the week leading up to Super Bowl III and the game itself.

The New York Sack Exchange: A look at one of the greatest units in league history.

The Mud Bowl: A game that lives in infamy for the Jets.

Same Old Jets: Remembering the pain of the Coslet, Carroll, and Kotite Eras.

The Flashlight: The inspiring story of Wayne Chrebet.

Monday Night Miracle: It was one of Monday Night Football's most iconic games.

You Play to Win the Game: The comeback story of the 2002 Jets and the rant that coincided with the turnaround.

The Rise and Fall of King Rex: A retrospective on the Rex Ryan Era with the early success, the late failure, and the constant buzz around the team.