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Report: Muhammad Willkerson to Skip Minicamp

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William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Manish Mehta reports Muhammad Wilkerson will skip the upcoming minicamp the Jets are holding to complete their offseason program.

Wilkerson, who has dropped by the Jets facility this offseason to check in with team trainers, has already told friends that he won't be taking part in minicamp

Wilkerson is coming off a broken leg so it is unclear how much he would be able to do anything.

This minicamp is mandatory for players under contract. Wilkerson is not under contract, however. The Jets have the one year franchise tag offer on the table, but the star defensive lineman has yet to sign it.

I think Wilkerson's absence from minicamp was to be expected. The big question I have is whether Wilkerson will choose to skip training camp also. He could take camp and the preseason off by refusing to sign the tag until just before the regular season starts. He probably will not hold out into the regular season since he would lose salary, but he could conceivably draw this out for a while.