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Brandon Marshall Named In 100 Most Important List

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USA Today offered up a unique take on football today by naming the top 100 most important people in the NFL.

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The guys at NFL are known to do their annual top 100 list, well USA Today's top 100 is a little different. Instead of focusing on one area, for example...players. They choose to focus on anyone who comes into contact with football. Whether that's a player, coach, GM, Vegas oddsmaker or the judicial system, they're all fair game in here.

The Jets were sparsely represented, but they were represented:

67. Brandon Marshall Jets wide receiver. Besides his on-field talents – Marshall is the only player with 1,000-yard receiving seasons for four teams – he is recognized as an advocate for borderline personality disorder patients after his own diagnosis. Marshall sought professional help after several domestic violence accusations.

There was no place for Revis or even Woody Johnson. Mike Maccagnan missed the cut as did perennial pro bowler Nick Mangold. There is little context offered in relation to what makes someone important in comparison to others, but one look at the list and you'll see what they are trying to do with it all.

Interesting that Jerry Jones was selected above the most powerful man in football Roger Goodell

Click here to read the full list.