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Is Fan Opinion Starting To Change About Fitzpatrick?

It's a question that popped into my head today following a tweet from GGN friend and NYJ beat writer Kristian Dyer

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

We're about to enter July, and there are no signs that the Jets are any closer to an agreement with Ryan Fitzpatrick. I'm bored of it, you're probably bored of it, Todd Bowles won't even talk about it, and it seems as though the fan opinion is starting to shift.

At the end of last year, the majority of Jets fans wanted Ryan Fitzpatrick back in New York. Notice that I say the majority and not all. I know several fans have been against bringing Fitz back from the very start, arguing that he'd never take us to the level we wanted so desperately to reach.

There were a number of reasons why fans wanted him back though, but I always concluded it came down to these five very simple reasons:

1) He was coming off a career year and one of the best years for a Jets QB in our history.

2) We have enough talent on the other side of the ball that we can win games with a capable QB.

3) He had obvious chemistry with his receivers, and he was a great teammate.

4) He was deemed affordable, avoiding long term commitment to an inconsistent QB

5) The alternative options were pretty poor.

Lately I've seen a little bit of a shift in opinion from the Jets fans I speak to on a regular basis, and when Kristian posted this today, here was my response:

A lot of people consider the Jets offer very reasonable. If the rumours are to be believed, the Jets offered Fitzpatrick a 3 year deal with $12 in the first year and a total contract value of $24 million + incentives. Again this is all based on rumour, but apparently Ryan is happy to take that $12 million/1 year deal, but isn't very happy about being tied into a further two years below what he considers his market value. Obviously the Jets hands are tied with their cap space, especially on one year deals.

However I'm sure you've heard all you want to hear about the contract. The interesting part came in talking to long-time Jets friends who have gone from wanting Fitzpatrick back to wanting to move on, even if that means Geno Smith. Are fans getting impatient? Do fans just want an end to all this posturing? I think it's a little bit of everything. We're a month away from training camp opening and we're no closer to knowing who our starting QB will be.

What do you think? Has your opinion changed in relation to whether you want Fitz back? If so...why?