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What Are the Most Team Friendly and Player Friendly Contracts the Jets Have?

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Over the last two days, Mike Sando of ESPN has compiled a list of most team friendly and most player friendly deals in the NFL. Here is what he had for the Jets.

Team Friendly

Brandon Marshall, WR

Marshall has a league-leading 45 touchdown catches since 2012 while catching passes from Jay Cutler, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Josh McCown, Geno Smith and Jason Campbell. The other players in the top five had Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Tony Romo as their primary quarterbacks. Marshall is set to earn $17 million over the next two seasons, with $9.5 million guaranteed.

A year ago, the answer probably would have been Ryan Fitzpatrick or Chris Ivory, who were absolute steals at their respective positions relative to salary. Marshall is still a very good value. A top receiver at that price represents a really solid investment. You also have to consider the lack of dead money in Marshall's deal. That is the product of acquiring him in a trade. The negative of a trade is you have to give something up. The positive is the contracts tend to be low risk since most of the dead money is absorbed by the original team.

Player Friendly

Darrelle Revis, CB

Revis turns 31 this summer and is coming off a down season, but his accountant should not worry; Revis has $23 million in guaranteed salary over the next two seasons.

There isn't much doubt about this one. Player friendly deals like this are frequently the product of desperation, and the Jets were desperate at cornerback after a 2014 season that saw them run the likes of Antonio Allen, Darrin Walls, Phillip Adams, and other similar types at the position. The team needed a big upgrade, and Revis was the best available by a longshot. This deal was the residue of striking out in the 2014 offseason when more reasonable number one corner contracts were attainable.