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How Did Jets Receivers Rate Extending Drives Last Year?

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Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

We all know the Jets had arguably the top 1-2 punch in the league last year at wide receiver. Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker both went over 1,000 yards with double digit touchdowns. Another way to look at their value is to examine how frequently they extended drives with third or fourth down catches that resulted in either a first down or a touchdown. Here are the league leaders in that department in 2015.

Odell Beckham 34
Antonio Brown 31
Julio Jones 27
DeAndre Hopkins 27
Eric Decker 25
Brandon Marshall 24
Emmanuel Sanders 24
Delanie Walker 23
Pierre Garcon 22
Demaryius Thomas 22
Gary Barnidge 22
Donte Moncrief 22
Willie Snead 20
Mike Evans 20
Ben Watson 20
Golden Tate 19
Calvin Johnson 18
Sammy Watkins 18
Allen Hurns 18
John Brown 18
Jordan Matthews 18
Jordan Reed 18

There are a lot of the usual suspect up there. It is no surprise that the top receivers in the NFL see balls thrown in their direction in big spots.