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Jets Roster Analysis: Can Brandon Bostick Provide the Jets With Value?

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

As we approach the 2016 season, we are going to profile the players on the roster. Today we look at Brandon Bostick.

Name: Brandon Bostick

Number: 82

Year With Jets: 2nd

Projected Role: Competing for a roster spot at tight end.

His 2015: Probably best known for his inability to come up with an onside kick late in the 2014 NFC Championship Game, Bostick was part of three organizations in 2015 but not a part of a 53 man roster. He failed to make the Vikings roster after spending preseason there. A stint on Arizona's practice squad was followed by him finishing the year on the Jets practice squad.

2016 will be a success if: Bostick not only makes the team  but carves out a role. He has been in the NFL since 2012. He is now 27 years old. At some point, a project player ceases to be a project player. A fifth professional season at age 27 is probably that point. Even with the lack of anything proven on the team, it still is tough to envision Bostick making the squad.

Odds of making the roster: Unlikely (between 25% and 50%)