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Muhammad Wilkerson Is Running

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Tennessee Titans v New York Jets Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Jets defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson has been using social media over the offseason to chronicle his recovery from the broken leg he suffered in the 2015 season finale against the Buffalo Bills. In his latest Instagram video, he shows that he is now running without a brace.

A video posted by mowilkerson (@mowilkerson) on

After an offseason full of trade speculation, it appears that Wilkerson is going to be on the Jets for the 2016 season, even if his long-term future with the team is in doubt. With that in mind, it is good to see that his rehab from the injury is apparently on track.

He has been a Second Team All Pro in two of the last three seasons, and I think you would have a difficult time making an argument that he was not the Jets’ most valuable defender last season. He was great in a contract year last season. Hopefully he will be up to the job again. The first step is the recovery, which is looking good.