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Todd Bowles Had Second Best Playing Career of NFL Head Coaches

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Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Kevin Seifert of ESPN rated the playing careers of NFL head coaches. Jets coach Todd Bowles ranked only behind Jack Del Rio of the Raiders.

Position, top level played: Safety, NFL (eight seasons)

Bowles made the Redskins' roster as an undrafted rookie in 1986 and went on to play in 117 games, 82 of them starts, for both Washington and the 49ers. He was a starter with the Redskins' Super Bowl XXII championship team, gained a reputation as a smart signal-caller on a defense filled with household names and finished his career with 15 interceptions.

Something you might not know: Bowles dislocated six bones in his left wrist in August 1985, a month before his senior season at Temple. He still played in 11 games.

Bowles' work on the field also drew the attention of one opposing coach. Bill Parcells has mentioned that he first thought of Bowles as coaching material based on his divisional matchups with Washington as head coach of the Giants.

Parcells was the general manager of the Jets when Bowles took his first NFL job with the team as secondary coach in 2000. Bowles later worked under Parcells with Dallas.

It is a reminder that the smartest teams aren't just scouting future players. They are scouting for future coaches, executives, and scouts.

Are there any current Jets you think would make a good coach?