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Will the Jets Wear White in Color Rush Game Against the Bills?

Al Bello/Getty Images

The NFL is bringing back Color Rush uniforms for Thursday night games this year. You might remember how bad these uniform styles looked in 2015 games. The Jets played a home game against the Bills in these uniforms.

One potential leak now indicates the Jets might be wearing white when they play the Bills in a Week 2 Color Rush game.

We cannot say for sure. You might remember this same Twitter handle indicated back in April that the Jets would be wearing green. This one might be more legitimate, though. When the Jets played the Bills last year, the green and red colors caused color blind fans with problems. The league said it would address the matter in the future. With the same two teams playing, something had to give.

In any event, these Color Rush games are what I use as a rebuttal to anybody who says the Jets need new uniforms. There is a good chance they would look like this.