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New York Jets History: Wesley Walker Was a Special Part of Team History

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John Parra/Getty Images

As we approach the season, we are going to count down the history of Jets jersey numbers along with some of the notable players to wear each number. Today we will look at number 85.

At the wide receiver position for the Jets, only the great Don Maynard had more yards or touchdowns than Wesley Walker. The Jets drafted Walker in the second round of the 1977 NFL Draft. Walker made an immediate impact, posting a then Jets rookie record 740 receiving yards in 1977.

Walker ended up playing twelve seasons for the Jets, serving as an effective deep threat. His finest season was in 1986 when he caught 12 touchdown passes, including 4 in the legendary 51-45 overtime win over the Dolphins, including the score that sent the game to overtime and the one that won it in the extra period.

By the time his career was finished, he had 438 catches, 8,306 yards, and 71 touchdowns. His remarkable 19 yard per reception average is indicative of what a terrific deep threat he was. What was even more remarkable is he put together a successful career despite being legally blind in his left eye.

Walker was inducted into the Jets Ring of Honor in 2012.

The most notable number 85 other than Walker was Rob Moore.