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Jordan Jenkins Has a Fan in Sheldon Richardson

Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Darryl Slater caught up with Sheldon Richardson. The fourth year defensive lineman has some very flattering things to say about a rookie.

"Jordan Jenkins is a monster from what we've seen of him," Sheldon Richardson told NJ Advance Media on Thursday, as the Jets concluded minicamp. "He's a monster. I'm not sleeping on him at all. Can't wait to see him in shoulder pads.

"What he came out here and brought every day, there's a difference, [because] some guys will go a week strong, two weeks strong, and then you'll see a decline in their effort and get-off the ball. The guy has been hell on wheels since Day 1."

Outside linebacker is a land of opportunity for the Jets this year. They do not have much in the way of proven players at the position. With a third round pedigree, Jenkins might have an inside track. He will have to earn the spot, though. Transitions are not always easy at this position. For their part, the Jets broke Lorenzo Mauldin in easy at the position last year.

If Jenkins is ready from day one, it surely would help the Jets, though.