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Todd Bowles Reveals Current Jets Quarterback Depth Chart

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Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

It hardly comes as a surprise, but Todd Bowles mentioned the current Jets quarterback depth chart yesterday as the Jets closed out minicamp.

On who would be the number two quarterback…


We already knew that Geno Smith is currently slated to be the starter. It should not be a huge surprise that Bryce Petty would enter training camp as the number two quarterback. With a year under his belt, it would be a common courtesy to give the nod to him over rookie Christian Hackenberg. Hackenberg certainly could overtake him. Bowles described some of the challenges Hackenberg might face.

On specific indicators of a typical rookie in his first minicamp…

You don’t have typical rookie things you see, but because they are all learning, they’re going to see things for the first time that would be typical rookie things. You don’t have an example of each position. They’re going to see defenses they haven’t seen before. The playbook’s different. You can study it all you want but until you get out on the field and get a chance to correct it and get better at it, you’re going to make those mistakes. So that’s natural. No different than Bryce (Petty) last year, and Geno was in the system as well for the first time. So he made his mistakes too.

Ryan Fitzpatrick re-signing would shake things up a bit so it might all be moot.