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Devin Smith's Position Coach Says He Knows the Offense as Well as Anybody

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Jets wide receivers coach Karl Dorrell discussed the way second year wide receiver Devin Smith has grown while he recovers from a torn ACL. Hat tip to Connor Hughes.

“This offseason has given him a chance to develop,” Dorrell said outside the Jets locker room Wednesday. “I think that will help him when he gets back on the field.”


“From a knowledge standpoint, he knows our offense about as well as anyone,” Dorrell said. “I think it was different a year ago at this time. He knows everything, it’s just a matter of him knocking the rust off and getting used to how we do things and the speed.

“Once that happens, it shouldn’t be a long period of time for him to get himself going.”

I don't know that it is necessarily going to come easily for Smith. There are a number of physical things in his game that need refining, things that prevented him from producing a year ago.

I heard a lot of blame going to Ryan Fitzpatrick for Smith's lack of production. It makes sense on paper. Smith is supposed to be a deep threat. Fitzpatrick didn't have a strong arm. A+B=C.

I'm not sold on that idea. Yes, Fitzpatrick did miss some throws in Smith's direction, but from what I watched, Smith struggled to gain consistent separation. Hopefully he gets back onto the field soon