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Jets Minicamp Updates 6/15

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Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets are conducting their mandatory minicamp this week. It is mandatory in the sense that players under contract are required to attend. Players who are not under contract like Muhammad Wilkerson and Ryan Fitzpatrick are not. This is the final part of the team's offseason program. The next time the Jets hit the practice field in an official capacity after this, it will be training camp.

Yesterday, Darrelle Revis indicated he is on track to be practicing by the time training camp rolls around. The Pro Bowl corner is recovering from a wrist injury he apparently played through last season.

Minicamp goes on for three days. This is the second day. To provide you with updates of what is happening, the GGN Twitter widget has been embedded below. It will refresh with the latest news from Jets minicamp as we continue along the path to the 2016 New York Jets season.