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Darrelle Revis Expects to Be Ready by Training Camp

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Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Darrelle Revis is nursing a wrist injury as the Jets work their way through minicamp. The star corner confirmed he expects to be back on the field by training camp, however.

Revis also indicated the injury, which he played through last year, impacted his game.

It was striking on the film how Revis shied away from the pressing style that helped him become the top cornerback in the league at one point in time. Many of us guessed it was because it was to compensate for declining speed. That might have played a role, but the wrist might have been a bigger deal than people realized.

For the Jets' sake, hope it was the wrist. Going beyond salary, this defense needs a top flight corner who can hold up on an island most of the time. That is the style of this defense. There are also question marks at corner. A Revis 2015 type season where he is still a high caliber number one corner would help the Jets. I am not sure they could hold up if Revis declines any further.