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Jets Minicamp Updates 6/14

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Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Minicamp kicks off today for the Jets. It is the final time the team will be on the field until training camp begins in July. By that point, the team will be preparing for the 2016 season for real.

Nothing that happens on the field over the next few days should sway opinions very much. These are a handful of practices. If you heard a player strung together three really good or really bad practices in November, would it change your opinion of the player? Of course it wouldn't. There are certain players on the team looking to grow, however. It would be a nice first step if nothing else to hear some of these guys are having success on the field.

Below is embedded the GGN Twitter widget to provide you with updates coming from minicamp. Leave your comments below on what is happening with the Jets today as they take another step towards the season.