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Five Players to Watch at Jets Minicamp

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Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets begin their minicamp today. It is the last chance the team has to get onto the practice field before training camp starts. Here are five players worth paying attention to.

Geno Smith

The Ryan Fitzpatrick situation is pretty clear. The Jets' top choice would be to start Fitzpatrick at the price they are offering. They would rather start Geno than pay Fitzpatrick at the price he is demanding, though. While a deal right before the start of training camp seems like the most likely outcome, there is a chance Geno Smith will be the starting quarterback for the Jets. If so, this minicamp isn't not make or break. It would be a positive step to hear he is having success, though.

Bryce Petty

We likely will not find out much about Petty, but perhaps we can get some small indication as to how much he is growing. How well can he make reads? Can he go through progressions? Is his footwork getting better? These are big questions about the second year player.

Jace Amaro

Amaro could be a good starting tight end. He could conceivably be a surprise cut in camp. Nobody really knows what to expect. With Kellen Davis out of minicamp after thumb surgery, the third year tight end has a chance to make a statement.

Marcus Williams

It appears all systems are go for Williams to see his role increase. There is a big difference between being the fourth cornerback and being the third cornerback on this defense. How well will Marcus hold up in a first look at a bigger role?

Dee Milliner

At this point, Milliner appears destined to go down as one of the five worst Draft picks in Jets history. He has one last chance to make something of himself as a Jet. If he surprises, and Williams falters, it isn't totally inconceivable that Milliner could carve out a role of some substance.