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Lorenzo Mauldin Talks About the Difference in Year Two

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Costello has a really nice article talking about the leap Lorenzo Mauldin is hoping to make in his second NFL season.

“Stopping the run came easy to me in college. It should come easy to me now that I understand the defense and what I’m supposed to do along with everybody else. Things should come easier to me.”


Mauldin spent this offseason back at Louisville working on technique with his college coach Todd Grantham. He also went to California to train for a time. He worked hard on pass-dropping and studying his notes from last season.

“I surprised the coaches when I came back because I knew what I was doing,” he said with a smile.

It is not an easy transition to the NFL for players in Mauldin's role.

The Jets are counting on Mauldin to succeed in a starting role this year. He is unproven. The reason the Jets need Mauldin to step up is it is unclear who the other starter will be for the Jets on the edge. Many are hoping it will be rookie Jordan Jenkins, but Mauldin's comments indicate there might be a learning curve.