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Verlon Biggs Played a Big Role on the Jets' Only Championship Team

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Garrett Reid-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to number 86 for the Jets, Verlon Biggs stands above all others.

Biggs played for the Jets from 1965 through 1970 at defensive end. Biggs made the AFL All-Star team three times as a member of the Jets. He also made big plays that helped propel the Jets on their Super Bowl run in 1968. In the AFL Championship Game, Biggs had a huge fourth down sack on Daryle Lamonica late in the fourth quarter. The Jets led 27-23, but Oakland had driven the ball inside the New York 25. In Super Bowl III against the Colts, Biggs was responsible for a forced fumble at the start of the second half that led to a New York field goal. The field goal put the Jets up 10-0, and they never looked back.

Biggs left the Jets after the 1970 season to go to Washington. He played four more seasons before retiring. Sadly, Biggs passed away too young in 1994 at 51 years of age. His impact in Jets history was large.