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Darrelle Revis Reportedly Made an Interesting Contract Proposal to the Jets in 2010

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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Darrelle Revis' contract standoffs with the Jets are the stuff of legend. Mike Florio reports a unique offer his camp made the team during his 2010 holdout.

As noted earlier, agents have tried to persuade teams to include within top-tier contracts a provision ensuring that the player will receive a percentage of the salary cap in future years. Specifically, per a league source with knowledge of the negotiations, the term was proposed to the Jets during the protracted Darrelle Revis holdout of 2010.

It isn't clear how Revis' 2010 salary would have been calculated since there was no salary cap in the NFL that year.

This is the type of proposal that makes a lot of sense from the player's perspective. Salaries keep going up. The Muhammad Wilkerson situation is a perfect example of that. What it would have taken to lock up a player of Wilkerson's caliber a few years back doesn't cut it now. People might say Wilkerson isn't worth JJ Watt money. While that is true, JJ Watt would be getting more if he signed his current deal now.

Florio speculates as to whether we will ever see a deal like this. To be realistic, it probably would have to come from a player with an incredible amount of leverage, namely a quarterback.