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Jets OTA Updates 6/1

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Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets continue their offseason practices today as week two of OTA's continues.

The media has access to the team today so we should get some reports from practice. There likely will be questions of Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall about their absences from last week. Decker in particular might have to field questions given the report he sat out due to Ryan Fitzpatrick still being unsigned. The story is likely overhyped. As Todd Bowles frequently notes with player absences, this part of the offseason program is optional. Players are free to miss it. If they know how to train on their own, there is no problem. There is not much happening in the way of news right now, however, so this is sure to get some extra attention.

The GGN Twitter widget is embedded below. It will refresh throughout the day with updates of happenings from OTA's.