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Jets Jersey Countdown: Number 92

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Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

As we approach the season, we are going to count down the history of Jets jersey numbers along with some of the notable players to wear each number. Today we will look at number 92.

Bill Belichick's departure from the Jets is one of the most painful chapters in team history. In a ludicrous scene in 1999, Belichick resigned just before what was supposed to be his introductory press conference as head coach. He eventually went to coach the New England Patriots and built a dominant team.

It probably is not much solace, but the Jets did get something tangible from Belichick's departure. They received New England's first round pick in 2000. The Jets used that pick to trade up for Shaun Ellis, a defensive lineman out of Tennessee, the first of four first round picks the team made that year.

The Jets got a quality starting lineman for over a decade. Ellis spent eleven years in green and white. Twice he recorded double digit sacks. He also made a pair of Pro Bowls. What is particularly notable is that he did so performing two very different roles, defensive end once in a 4-3 defense and once in a 3-4 defense. Ellis' final season of 2010 was a superb year capped by a 2 sack effort in the Jets' Divisional Playoff upset of the Patriots.

Ellis has far and away the highest AV of any Jet to wear number 92. Second is Leonard Williams, who has only one year under his belt. Williams took number 92 as a tribute to Ellis before the start of his first regular season in the NFL.