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Which Jets Player Will Break Out in 2016?

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Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Which Jets player do you think will break out in 2016? Before you answer that question I want to set two ground rules.

A. You can't select a quarterback.

B. You can't select a player who was drafted in the first round.

These two areas are low hanging fruit. Let's try to show some vision here.

My choice is running back Khiry Robinson. He fell a bit under the radar with the other free agent signings the Jets made to bolster their backfield, but this is a talented player. He has a skillset that somewhat resembles Chris Ivory's but with more ability as a receiver.

None of this is to say he is as good as Ivory right now. We do not know for sure how capable he is of handling an increased workload. He has never had more than 76 rushing attempts in a single season. I like how his skillset could translate, though.

That is a very promising sign.

I don't think Robinson will be part of the plans early considering the money the Jets paid Matt Forte and Bilal Powell. I do think he will get a chance at some point and force the Jets to keep him in the lineup.

Who is your breakout player for 2016?