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Jets Super Bowl Odds Have Improved Since Start of Free Agency

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets currently have 40/1 odds to win Super Bowl LI in Houston according to Bodova. This is an improvement on the 50/1 odds the team was given back on March 14, which was shortly after the start of free agency.

Interestingly, the highest profile addition to the roster, Matt Forte, was already in the fold at the time of the last odds. In that time, the Jets have improved their defensive line by signing Steve McLendon and the linebacking corps by bringing back Erin Henderson. They also have added to the young talent on the roster through the Draft (although so has every other team).

The quarterback situation on the team remains unsettled. Ryan Fitzpatrick remains a free agent. we still do not know whether he will be back in 2016. The Jets have seen their odds improve since March 14, but the current 40/1 clip is worse than the 33/1 the team had on February 8. This quarterback situation might have something to do with that.

In any event, the oddsmakers like the Jets a little better than they did two months ago.