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Jets Assign Jersey Numbers to Drafted Players

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Lee is no longer number one.
Lee is no longer number one.
Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

While it is subject to change, the Jets have assigned jersey numbers to the played they picked in last weekend's NFL Draft.

First round pick Darron Lee will wear number 50. This number has not been worn by a Jets player in three years. Garrett McIntyre was the last number 50 the Jets had back in 2013.

Second round pick Christian Hackenberg will wear number 5. It is somewhat notable that he wore number 14 in college. Number 14 belonged to Ryan Fitzpatrick last season. It sounds like the Jets are still holding it for him. Matt Simms was the last Jet to wear number 5 in 2014.

Third round pick Jordan Jenkins will wear number 48. You have to go all the way back to Brian Washington in 1994 to find a Jet who wore 48 in game action.

Fourth round pick Juston Burris will wear number 38. Zac Stacy had that number in preseason last year but changed it to 30. John Conner was the last Jet to wear that number in regular season action in 2014.

Fifth round pick Brandon Shell will wear number 72. Stephen Bowen had that number last year.

Seventh round pick Lac Edwards will wear number 4. Ryan Quigley had that number last year. Hopefully, Edwards fares better punting with that number.

Seventh round pick Charone Peake will wear number 17. Chris Owusu had that number last season.

The history of Jets jersey numbers was taken from Pro Football Reference.