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Who Will Be the Surprise Cut of Jets Training Camp?

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Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

With the NFL Draft completed, we now know what the roster will look like entering training camp for the most part. There might be a signing here or there, but the team is largely built.

It does not happen every year, but there is frequently a surprising cut. It is not necessarily a high level player. It is not always a starter. It is a player most fans assume is safe due to past success, contract, or Draft status. Stephen Hill in 2014 and Joe McKnight in 2013 are recent examples.

At this point, my guess is Dee Milliner. A disappointing high Draft pick of a former regime does not necessarily have security. Mike Maccagnan did not invest a top ten pick in Milliner. While the cornerback did suffer injuries last year, he was healthy for the second half of the season. The Jets coaching staff did not entrust a single defensive snap to him. Even in games when the Jets had injuries at cornerbacks, Milliner could not get onto the field When Darrelle Revis and Marcus Williams were hurt against the Giants, Darrin Walls got 85% of the snaps. The Jets did not even put in Milliner to rest Walls for a play. Todd Bowles indicated in December that Milliner's lack of playing time was not related to health.

Further jeopardizing Milliner's status is the fourth round selection of Juston Burris. Burris is going to make the team. He threatens Milliner more than Dexter McDougle because he projects as an outside press corner. Bowles has stated he views Milliner as strictly an outside guy and McDougle as an inside slot corner.

While it is true the Jets would not save any money from cutting Milliner although (they could get some small savings if the corner signed with another team ), cutting him would not cost the team money.

That makes him my pick as the surprise cut of training camp. Who is yours?