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Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall Return to Practice

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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

OTA's opened for the Jets last week without their top two receivers. Today the duo was back as the practices began their second week.

. A person with knowledge of the situation confirmed they will both be present for Tuesday's OTA practice. That person spoke to NJ Advance Media on condition of anonymity.

There was a report that Decker skipped last week's practices out of discontent with Ryan Fitzpatrick being unsigned. Marshall's absence was unrelated.

The story seemed overblown to me. I am seldom upset to see a star miss OTA's. How many times do you hear an important player suffer a serious injury during an offseason practice? The established guys know how to prepare for the season. Those reps might help a younger, less established player more.

I am sure Marshall and Decker both want Fitzpatrick back in the fold, and they probably will get their wish at some point. It isn't like these guys are going to pack it in if somebody else starts. These guys will still go out there and play hard.