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Here's Audio of Jets General Manager Mike Maccagnan's Radio Interviews After the Draft

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan has been doing the radio circuit over the last two days. Yesterday he appeared on The Michael Kay Show on ESPN. Today he appeared on Boomer and Carton and Mike's On on WFAN.

Below the interviews are either linked or embedded. Here are a few nuggets from the interviews.

  • The Jets follow mock drafts to get a ballpark idea about whom might be available. They are generally accurate.
  • The Jets attempted to trade up for Laremy Tunsil.
  • The Jets discussed a trade down with the Cowboys in the first round.
  • Maccagnan compared Darron Lee to Deone Buchanon of the Cardinals and Mark Barron of the Rams as the type of linebacker Todd Bowles wanted to incorporate into his defense.
  • The Jets did not go into the second round necessarily targeting Christian Hackenberg. His selection was based on how the board fell.
  • The selection of Hackenberg does not necessarily reflect what the Jets think of other quarterbacks on their roster. They are considereing carrying four quarterbacks if Ryan Fitzpatrick re-signs.
The Michael Kay Show

Boomer and Carton

Mike's On

Link here