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The Cowboys Offered the Jets This Trade. Would You Have Made It?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Peter King of MMQB indicated that the Jets were offered a package to trade down from the 20th pick Thursday night by the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas was looking to move up to get Paxton Lynch.

The plan was to offer Dallas’s second-round and third-round picks, 34 and 67 overall, to teams in the late teens and early 20s—Indianapolis, Buffalo, the Jets, Houston—but then swap out the third-rounder for Dallas’s fourth-rounder, 101 overall, starting in the mid-20s. Cincinnati (24), Pittsburgh (25), Seattle (26), Green Bay (27) and Kansas City (28) all got called. Lukewarm responses, mostly. Buffalo (19) said no to the offer of the second and third. The Jets said no.

The 67th pick seems like an awfully small return to drop all the way out of the first round from 20.

On his show yesterday, Mike Francesa indicated the Jets offered to do the trade if the Cowboys agreed to swap fourth round picks with the Jets. The Cowboys had the 101st pick. The Jets had the 118th pick. Even then, I am not sure the haul would have been big enough. For me, I think it would have taken 34, 67, and 101 with the Jets only giving up the 20th pick.

What do you think?