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Report: Jets Offered Fitzpatrick $12M in 2016

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Yet Fitz remains unsigned

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

According to a recent report by the New York Post's Mark Cannizzaro, the Jets offered Fitzpatrick a 3 year pact with $12M on the books for 2016. While I often disregard anything I hear coming from the NY Post, this report was later supported by Ian Rapoport and, sources that I typically trust. If this is still the offer on the table, it's hard to imagine Fitzpatrick has a shot at getting signed anywhere else. When the Jets were reportedly offering $8M per year as a low ball offer, it was understandable why Fitz might think he had a shot to earn more elsewhere. At this point, the only team that Fitz would conceivably be the starter for would be the Jets. No one is going to pay him $12M this year to be their backup. Honestly, it still shocks me that someone would pay him $12M to be their starter.

Fitz did have a career year in 2016, but considering the conditions surrounding that year and his age/history, it's hard to conceive of a better situation for Fitz than $12M to throw to Marshall and Decker this year. I also have no idea where the money for this contract would be coming from unless the Jets have a trade partner for Wilkerson or this $12M figure is including prorated bonuses in years 2 and 3 of the contract, but paid as cash spending upfront. In the latter case, the reported $12M in 2016 header is somewhat of a misnomer because for all we know, he could be earning $5M per year over the course of the contract. If that's not the case and the Jets are offering somewhere in the realm of $12M per season, Fitz should sign immediately (unless he's holding off because he doesn't feel like attending OTAs and isn't technically under contract.) It's amazing that the Jets can even offer this much considering the cap situation.