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Todd Bowles Expects Ryan Clady and Khiry Robinson to Practice at Training Camp

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Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets have some players coming off serious injuries. Left tackle Ryan Clady and running back Khiry Robinson are among them. Clady tore an ACL last April, while Robinson broke a leg in a game in November. Todd Bowles spoke with the media during this week's OTA's and indicated he expects both to be on the practice field in training camp.

On when Ryan Clady and Khiry Robinson will be able to practice…

Hopefully sometime in training camp if I’m not mistaken.

On if those two will practice during the offseason…

It’ll be tight. We’ll see how they progress but it’ll be tight.

Bowles was less committal on second year Devin Smith, who is coming off a torn ACL himself.

On when Devin Smith will return to practice…

Same thing. He’ll be wait and see. (It) won’t be in the spring.

The question for Smith might be whether he starts the season on the PUP list.