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Report: NFL Still Reviewing Possible Sheldon Richardson Suspension

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Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Dom Cosentino reports the NFL is still examining whether Sheldon Richardson will be suspended for an incident in Missouri last summer.

Some form of punishment could be coming. On Thursday, a league spokesman told NJ Advance Media that Richardson's case is "still under review."

In January, Richardson pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge charge of resisting arrest. The charge stemmed from an incident last summer in which local police in Richardson's native Missouri alleged he drove his Bentley at speeds as high at 143 miles per hour, and that there was a 12-year old and a loaded gun in the vehicle.

If Richardson is suspended, the Jets do have experience thriving without him in the early going. He was suspended for the first four games of last season in an unrelated matter. The team has a deep and talented defensive line with Muhammad Wilkerson still around and Leonard Williams entering his second year.