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Jets OTA Updates 5/26

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Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Today is the last day of OTA's for the Jets until next week.

With us deep into the offseason program, it felt like a good time to throw up a thread so people can keep track of any developments at OTA's.

Yesterday was a busy day for the Jets. Geno Smith, the starter for now at least, reportedly looked very good. A number of key players were missing from OTA's. These events are voluntary so that is not a huge deal. Nick Mangold's wife was giving birth. A notable absence was from Eric Decker. Brian Costello reported Decker's absence was due to the Ryan Fitzpatrick standoff. Brandon Marshall was also not attending, but Costello reported that had nothing to do with Fitzpatrick.

Below is embedded the GGN Twitter widget to provide you with any Jets updates through the day. It will keep you up to date and look great on your page at the same time.