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Report: Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jets Getting Closer to Deal

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Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Freeman reports the Jets are getting closer to a contract agreement with free agent quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is telling reporters he wants to return to the Jets, and a league source told me the two sides were getting closer to some type of deal.

Now, I say this with great caution. Contract talks ebb and flow, like poop in a sewer system. But it seems that both sides are starting to realize something important: The power rests with neither of them. Fitzpatrick has little bargaining room, because no other team wants to pay him what he believes he's worth. The Jets have no bargaining room, because they have Geno Smith.

So, as often happens in these situations, everyone is starting to come to their senses.

That pretty much sums up the situation. Both sides have some degree of leverage. Fitzpatrick doesn't have another team that wants him, and the Jets don't have another quarterback they want.

Nothing can ever be viewed as a 100% guarantee, but the same team is offering Fitzpatrick both more money than he could make anywhere else and the opportunity to start. He is on the record as saying he wants to keep playing so there seems to be one logical option. The biggest question seems to be when he will sign a new deal.