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NY Jets: Amaro Heavily Involved At TE, Not H-Back

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Apparently Jace has been traded to the tight ends position group.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

According to Connor Hughes, Jace Amaro has been heavily involved in the Jets passing game at OTAs and is lining up mostly as a traditional tight end, not as an H-Back.

It was a nice practice for Amaro, who seemed to be working primarily as a tight end. He confirmed as much after practice saying that’s where not only he’s been working, but how he envisions himself. His words exactly: "I view myself as a three-down tight end." The H-Back thing appears to be a thing of the past.

He got up the seam a couple of times and made a few impressive grabs. The one that stood out was a one-hander on a pass that was a little high from Smith. He reached up, pulled the ball in, and never hesitated.

This is interesting news from Jets camp.  In 2015 the tight end position may as well have been listed as unoccupied for all that Jeff Cumberland and Kellen Davis were involved in the passing offense.  In addition, before he was hurt Amaro was rumored to be in the doghouse, banished to remote practice fields with second and third stringers.  Apparently all that may be behind Jace.  If Amaro can wrest the starting tight end position from the sneaky fast and deceptively athletic Kellen Davis, the Jets may just add another dynamic weapon to the passing game.  Throw in the large upgrade in the passing game represented by new running back Matt Forte and the Jets just might become a really formidable, modern passing offense this year.  Joe Namath's Jets single season passing yards record  may finally be relegated to the history books after an amazing half century at the top.  Wouldn't that be nice?