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NY Jets: Why Is Eric Decker Not At OTAs?

Is Decker protesting Fitzpatrick's stalled contract negotiations?

Eric Decker
Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

First, the obligatory disclaimers. Eric Decker, and every other player, is in no way obligated to be at OTAs, per the terms of the current NFL Players Collective Bargaining Agreement. These workouts are strictly voluntary. So Decker is not holding out. He is exercising his contractual right not to participate.

However ... the vast majority of players do in fact participate in OTAs. If a player isn't injured and isn't involved in stalled contract negotiations, said player is almost always at OTAs ... So why is Decker not there?

According to an anonymous source, here's why:

Eric Decker skipped OTAs this week because he is upset the organization has yet to sign Ryan Fitzpatrick, according to a source. #nyj

— Brian Costello (@BrianCoz) May 26, 2016

Now, when the source is unnamed, it deserves to be taken with a rather large grain of salt. Still, it is something of a surprise that Decker is not there. And he has been very vocal about wanting Fitzpatrick back. This is interesting. If the unnamed source is correct, I'm not sure I've ever seen this before: one player refusing to participate because another player remains unsigned.

What do you think? Is this why Eric Decker is not at OTAs?