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Rotoworld Says Jets' Quarterback Situation Is the Worst in the NFL

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Rotoworld did a ranking of each team's quarterback situation. The Jets ranked at the very bottom.

32. Jets, Various Players

Jets 2015 Ranking: 28

Ryan Fitzpatrick was the Jets’ best quarterback since Chad Pennington. So naturally they’re playing hardball with him, making him toil for a lowball offer. If the Ivy League-educated Fitz decides to cut his losses and move on with his life — there have been reports that he is willing to retire — Gang Green will have a Three Stooges episode where their quarterback room is supposed to be. Geno Smith has a career 72.3 QB rating. Christian Hackenberg hasn’t been good since he was a freshman in college. Bryce Petty is just now learning what an “under” coverage is from Madden. Fitzpatrick, of course, is no one’s idea of a franchise player, but he’s Joe Montana compared to the trio left in his wake. The Jets will vie for a Wild Card spot if they bring back Fitz. They’ll compete for the No. 1 overall pick if they don’t.

I think this is a case where the ranking is probably correct, but the author substitutes at attempt to get cheap laughs over real analysis. The Jets are playing hardball with Ryan Fitzpatrick because no other team is willing to give Fitzpatrick what he wants. The Petty comment about Madden was a joke.

With that said, I can see the Jets being at the bottom of the league. Their three quarterbacks have a combined two very unsuccessful seasons of starting experience in the NFL. Outside of maybe Los Angeles and Denver, there is no group with less of a track record of success, and the Rams and Broncos have first round rookies on their roster.

It is possible one of the young guys could surprise. Ryan Fitzpatrick returning would also bump the Jets up a bit. I think this is probably around where the Jets belong at this present moment, though.